Something There Is

Something There Is encompasses an array of media and processes, including photography, weaving, embroidery, beading, and hand and machine stitching. All of this work revolves around the theme of ‘re-making’ or repair: photographs of walls that document a remaking of the landscape by inserting forms that shape, divide and contain, remaking landscapes by intervening (stitching, sewing, etc) with the photographs I have taken, remaking landscapes by inserting something into the image when it is taken, and remaking newspaper articles into woven baskets. The intimate acts of sewing and weaving serve not only to disrupt what was there, but can also be read as a form of reparation, suturing a tear but at the same time highlighting it. Further, my work explores the issues of inclusion and exclusion, questioning barriers and disrupting spaces, allowing a viewer to rethink these, and other, borders and spaces. The psychological thread throughout my work is control, however not in a dominant fashion, but more as a domestication of space, a desire to understand and manage space as place. I was driven by my desire to engage the image as a mechanism to reimagine the space, adding elements of domesticity, thereby asserting a kind of sovereignty, creating or imagining a different reality or an alternative rendering of these spaces. My art explores in-between places, with themes of displacement, both forced and voluntary, and the condition of being in transit, plus the meaning and location of borders, boundaries and zones of transition. The poem by Robert Frost, Mending Wall, is used as a metaphor for the ideas expressed in my work and to unite the entire body of work.

something there is
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